Secure Portal – ExGate

Compliance management has emerged as a challenge for both executives and IT staff.  Regardless of your industry or geographic location, there is likely a compliance concern for your organization.  This means that your company is now responsible for all sensitive information that it communicates. 

Given the constant use of email to communicate sensitive information with partners and customers, you need email encryption, content-filtering, and identity management to help protect your private information, ensure regulatory compliance, and streamline business processes.

Compliance matters aside, you may just be thinking about the security of your information or wanting to ensure that your communications are secure.

Think Security has created an encrypted email and file exchange technology (ExGate) to deliver the most advanced, yet easy-to-use solution on the market.  Our solution is highly trusted by the most demanding users from healthcare, finance, insurance, legal and other industries.  

Think Security ExGate Service is a fully managed solution provided by our experts, removing all maintenance from your team.  This allows you to receive the protection you need with no overhead, such as user training, implementation, and ongoing configuration management.  Additionally, this service delivers the reporting you need to demonstrate compliance with industry regulations on protecting confidential information while in transit.

Think Security ExGate Service helps you fulfill your legal and regulatory compliance and reporting requirements. With ExGate, your recipients can reply securely without charge and without having to download and install additional software.  There are no certificates or passwords to manage, and we take care of all the backups for you.