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Cyber Attackers Targeting Healthcare

How do you protect yourself and your patient’s information?

  • There have been 229 data breaches affecting 6.1 million individuals submitted to HHS’ Office for Civil Rights’ breach portal since the start of 2018, according to HealthcareInfoSecurity.
  • Of the breaches reported to OCR since the start of 2018, 91 are listed as hacking or IT incidents (affecting 4.3 million individuals), 91 are listed as unauthorized access or disclosure breaches (affecting 803,000 individuals), 41 are listed as theft or loss (affecting 677,000 individuals, 13 of which involved paper or film records), six are listed as improper disposal (affecting 330,000 individuals), and the remainder involved unencrypted computing devices (affecting 80,000 individuals).(source: Beckers hospital review)

True OR False:

The security risk analysis is optional for small providers.

False. All providers who are “covered entities”under HIPAA are required to perform a risk analysis. In addition, all providers who want to receive EHR incentive payments must conduct a risk analysis. (

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) recognizes that conducting a risk assessment can be a challenging task. But Think Security is here to help your company with this task.

Your company is there to provide health care; Think Security is here to provide IT and Cyber Security Support. We work directly with your IT department to provide services that you need so that you can keep providing services that your patients need. If your company doesn’t have the IT Support needed, Think Security can also provide that for your company.

Think Security has been providing IT and Cyber Security support since 2007. 

With the New Year right around the corner, it’s a good time to review your current IT/Cyber Security policies, risk posture, procedures, technology and IT/ Cyber Providers to see if an update is needed, also it’s a good time to schedule your Risk Analysis that needs to be completed to stay HIPPA Compliant.

Contact Think Security today to find out how your company and your patient data can be protected.

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