Think Security – Managed security services

Think Security is your trusted partner to ensure your systems function without cyber interruption.  From the inside or the outside, Think Security monitors and manages your cyber posture throughout the unique “Single Pane of Glass” approach.

This approach fuses together many disparate sources of information from both customer on-site data and threat intelligence to provide a preventative and precautionary model driving down risk, minimizing dwell time, and reducing exposure to unintended consequences and allows customers to focus on their core strengths, not their adversaries potential.

Think Security not only roots out adversaries in the early part of the Kill Chain shown below, but it also provides quicker cleanup and quicker return to service enabling a business competitive advantage, the Think Advantage.

Building from the ground up, Think Security is now proud to offer Secure Hosting, within our virtualized environment, with hooks into our “Single Pane of Glass” to ensure uptime and security to protect your reputation.

Check out our Customer Success section to hear more about how the Think Advantage has saved our client’s valuable resources while increasing their security posture. The Think Advantage